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Mohair comes from beautiful Angora goats, their name originates from where the goats finally settled in Ankara, a Turkish area, originally moving down over centuries from Anatolia (the westernmost protrusion of Asia/Asia minor). Angora’s were first brought to New Zealand in 1867. Mohair has some very special attributes. Its lustre is particularly impressive as it reflects light more directly by the larger scales of the fibre which then gives it this beautiful and natural soft glow. The lustre also allows the mohair to be dyed a lot easier, and then encourages dyed mohair to withstand wear and fading. 

The durability of the fibre is increasingly outstanding. Because of the angora goats amazing curls the fibre is made up of solid twists and ringlets making it extremely capable to withstand hard wear. 
Adding to its strong durability, all natural fibres from animals are able to easily absorb and release atmospheric moisture, allowing them breathe where man made fibres can not. In addition to this, the fibre has great strength, it is stronger than steel of the same diameter – (wow) The slippery fibre makes it easily resistant to soiling, meaning that dust (etc) can be easily removed by a shake or brush of the garment.

Mohair is almost non-flammable! When placed near a naked flame (please do not try this at home) it will, more commonly than not, turn to a sort of ash and stop burning immediately once taken away! We use kid mohair for our sweaters as it is exceptionally fine resulting in an elegant, opulent and soft knitting yarn. The mohair used for Frisson Knits is grown, spun and dyed in New Zealand.

This is really important to Frisson Knits and our purpose, We want to be able to make you fashionably, versatile and super sustainable clothing in every stage of its life, mohair in all of its glory helps us do that even once we have passed it on to you. 
We want you to be able to enjoy your knits forever, all of these amazing attributes of mohair help us ensure that you will be able to do that. 
The beauty of our sweaters is their delicate look and feel but in reality how strong and durable they really are. 
We hope this information has helped you understand the love and care that goes into making these sweaters and why we are so passionate about it.